Friends, I finally hit the wall.

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Dear Friends, I finally hit the wall. After months of quarantine, following all the Covid-19 rules, trying to stay responsible and positive for my kids, two weeks ago, I gave into the overwhelming, paralyzing grief of the people who have … Read More

Aging Gracefully

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A few months ago, I did a panel, and follow-up interview with Prevention Magazine (a magazine which I love, by the way) on aging gracefully. How funny to find myself being a voice for that… On the panel, as others talked about … Read More

Name It To Tame It

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A Powerful Tip I read about in “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain”by Dr. Dan Siegel I was dropping off my 12 year old daughter to her 7th Grade retreat, and I could see that she was … Read More

Back To School Intents

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Last week, after dropping Leela off to her first day of 4th grade at school, I came home and a wave of exhaustion, relaxation, elation and depression all hit at once. My 7th grader, Tara, started a new Middle School … Read More

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