04 Dec 2020

Stillwater – a new show on Apple TV+

I am so excited to announce a new animated show that launches TODAY (Dec. 4th) on Apple TV+. For any of you who read Zen Shorts and the other beautiful books by Jon Muth, this animated series features Stillwater teaching children lessons in compassion, kindness, and awareness. Here is a preview of the show:

AMAZING, no?! I have the honorary title of “Mindfulness Consultant” for this series.

Reflections on 2020

2020 has been a tumultuous year dominated by the global pandemic of Covid-19. It has been a time of slowing down, prioritizing health, limiting social interaction, financial distress, recovery and sadly, for too many, a year of grief. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost loved ones during this unprecedented time.

In addition, living here in the US, it has been the year of a presidential election, one which seemed more urgent than ever before. Personally, I was sucked into the drama of every twist and turn of events during the Fall, and felt a sense of relief, light and joy when I watched Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accept the nomination.

When I last wrote to you in September, I shared how I finally hit the wall. Your responses of support and shared experiences were truly overwhelming. I can proudly say that I did shift my behavior – through a healthy diet, restraining from alcohol, walks in my neighborhood, regular yoga, and focusing on family. I feel lucky to have connected professionally with so many on zoom calls and presentations sharing meditations and coping mechanisms as we adjusted to months of staying at home. While the vaccine is coming, I plead with all of you to continue to wear masks, wash hands, be socially distant, and get through these next few dark months of the pandemic with strength, compassion for others, and safe decisions.

My hope is that we can embrace the new dawn of 2021 with a sense of healing. Too many of us have lost loved ones, a job, income, and the security of so much we took for granted. It is ok to grieve, to cry, and to reach out to others for help. Resilience, connection, and hard work are certainly the cornerstones of what we all need to move forward.

For me, 2021 will be an adjustment as my elder daughter, Tara, heads to college and we find a new rhythm without her songs, stories and smiles in our home. Professionally, it is an important year of launching two new books – Just Be You: Ask Questions, Set Intentions, Be Your Special Self and More, the final book of the Just Be Series which includes Just Breathe (which now has a Teacher’s Pick banner by it on Amazon) and Just Feel. And, my first illustrated book for younger kids – My Body is a Rainbow: The Color of My Feelings.

Over the next few weeks as the year comes to an end, I will be incubating my deepest desires and intentions for 2021. For me, this process involves a regular meditation practice, quiet walks, and asking myself what am I grateful for, who do I strive to be, what do I want, and how can I serve. I look forward to sharing my intentions for the new year, as well as hearing about and supporting yours. As always, please feel free to email me at mallikaintent@gmail.com and I will try to respond.

With love,


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